I did have a smoothie on Wednesday, but didn’t like the hemp oil in it. So not going to post that one.

Today’s and yesterday’s were just about identical with maybe slightly different proportions. But today’s didn’t have spinach which yesterday’s did.

Today’s Smoothie
– 1.5T Coconut oil
– 1/2c frozen mango chunks
– 6 frozen dark cherries
– 12 frozen blueberries
– 1c OJ
– 1oz Goji Juice

– small handful of spinach

Today the Coconut Oil got really chunky, it hasn’t done that before. I don’t think I melted it well enough.

Oh, If you haven’t read my twitters… I’ve lost 5 more pounds. I can really tell, there are a few pairs of “fat” pants that I can’t wear anymore without pulling them up all day long. Woohoo!

I’d like to get under 200 by this summer and if I average 5 pounds every 2 – 3 weeks. That would be about right.

Starting next week, I am getting up when Rob leaves (around 6:15-6:30) and get back into a steady dance, yoga, exercise routine.


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  1. Congrats on your weight loss! Keep it up!

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