When it rains…

Actually it’s not truly pouring just sprinkling all over my parade. LOL

Anyway, last night we were coming home from doing several mega loads of laundry and on our way to S&S to pick up some juice, when we hear some crunching (like the ice from the wheel well fell), then some thumps and a clank. All the lights went on the dashboard. And we coasted through a thankfully green light to come to rest on Rte 12 across for Olio Resturant. When the tow truck dropped it off in front of the house (after 10, Ryne was up way past bedtime), the driver gave us some gears, bolts and doo dads that fell off during the ride across the bridge and it’s leaking fluids including oil.

There was no warning what so ever. Just dead.

So … what to do? Not sure. Have a feeling we’ll be junking it because any repairs beyond $1K is just not worth it. Thankfully the tax refund was earmarked for mostly luxury items. New priority, once we have cash in hand, is to find a nice little car that will last until the Yaris’ car payments are done (less than 2 years). Craigslist had some nice specimens, we will probably check the sub base’s lot and Ed’s Country Sales too.

So the van needs to be emptied of sports, camping and other stuff. I think we need to grab several “good” sealing 30+ gallon tubs to go in the basement for that stuff.

Get the holiday stuff down there too. Don’t know when we’ll have time, we just need to make it happen.

Today’s Smoothie
– 1/2 cup Greek yogurt
– 1t Raw Honey
– 1.5T Coconut oil
– 1/2c frozen peach slices
– 10 frozen dark cherries
– 3 small frozen strawberries
– small handful of spinach


2 Responses

  1. Damn, that sucks. The good news is it’s a buyer’s market these days when shopping for used cars. Good luck!

  2. A little late now, but if you’re still looking around, check Antonino Acura. My mum and I got a really good deal on a 2000 Honda Civic from them, as they’re open to negotiating price to an extent.

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