Been a crazy week…

I am in the mood to expound on the week beyond my tweets…

Monday, oh Monday. What a day it was.

As the locals know, Rob’s employer is cutting everyone’s pay and incentives, which in of itself not a big deal for us, as his income isn’t as important to our household as mine. But I can understand the discomfort in others. It was definitely shocking to hear it discussed on the news during my commute. They are making the cuts to avoid lay-offs.

Rob is just soooo frustrated with his co-workers because they are grumbling, his response has been along the lines of "fine, quit and good luck finding a job which offers $30 (a week) medical/dental insurance for a family AND feeds you lunch, for free." He doesn’t suffer whiners very well.

And to top this all off, my van was glazed in 1/4 inch thick ice. I knew I would have to scrape so gave Ryne and I, 15 extra mins. Nope took over 25 mins to get windshield, rear window and driver side chipped away to the point I could see. The passenger side was impossible to get either door open on that side. I think was parked just "right" under the eaves to get icicle drippings which of course froze solid. It actually got warm enough on Tuesday afternoon to melt it enough to force it open.

Besides all that, I have maintained a decent mood all week. Sunday may have helped by being a wonderfully lazy "snow day." I even got a couple small knitting projects completed, so I felt like I accomplished something despite not making it to the laundromat.

Puttering around the house this week but we really need to do a good cleaning. Hoping the weather cooperates so we can finally get to the laundromat. Can’t mop floors if laundry piles are overflowing everywhere.

Trudging up the hill at work isn’t cutting it for time outside. Although this morning was awesome in the quietness. So I need to see if I can get a walk scheduled or convince Ryne to come tromping with me. I really want some snowshoes. Mine are long gone, who knows what move I lost them in but I am reasonably sure it was pre-Rob.

Been thinking of doing The Artist’s Way again with gals on one of my forums, butI have serious issues with the reading deprivation part. I mean, I easily read a paperback in an evening or two.


I have about 2 pounds of apples I need to figure out how to use up. They are starting to wisen so Ryne won’t eat them plain and I don’t think I am interested in eating that many. Have I whined lately about how much I hate not being able to see into my crisper?

Apple Pie
Apple Sauce
Stewed Apples
Editted to add: Apple Muffins thanks to tylik 

Some recipes to check out later:

Gluten-Free Chicken Nuggets
Homemade Minestrone Soup
CrockPot Black Eyed Pea Soup

Home Fries I really liked this recipe. It’s very close to how I was taught to cook ’em. After step 1, we just add the salt & pepper plus minced garlic and paprika (maybe cayenne or curry) and toss in the bowl before dumping them into the cast iron skillet where the bacon was cooked.

Having dinner tomorrow with a friend who has gone raw. Looking forward to her fajitas, sounds yummo!


If you follow me on Flickr, nothing new… but here goes.

Latest Hat

My temporarily straight hair, curls where back with a wash.

Ryne being, well, Ryne

The view from my kitchen, i.e. my garden


7 Responses

  1. Apple bread?
    (I posted a recipe, but I should probably post a more recent version.
    It’s something like
    1.5 c finely grated apples
    1.5 c rolled oats
    1 c flour (more for white, less for whole wheat or other whole grain)
    .5 c maple syrup
    2-3 T fat (butter if you use it, I use palm kernel shortening and nut oil, mostly)
    1 c nuts (pecans, walnuts, whatever)
    appropriate spices (ginger, cinnamon, what have you)
    1 t baking soda
    Cook for about 70 minutes in a pre-heated greased pan in a medium oven.)

  2. I loaned my Artist’s Way out…I didn’t finish it the 1st time around…heh.
    YAY for pics!

  3. I never heard the word wisen used that way before – cool. I like the cap quite a bit. I am glad that much ice hasn’t found my car yet this winter.

  4. Aw, cute pics! 🙂

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