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Tweets of the Day

  • 08:59 12 degrees, yikes. And Ryne wants to cut his hair. Think I need to pump out a hair or two for him. #
  • 09:25 LOL, just read my last tweet, should have read – Think I need to pump out a hat or two for him. Can’t type this morning. Jeeze #
  • 13:21 Anyone have snowshoes collecting dust in a closet? I really want to go wandering in the woods. #
  • 13:24 @CoquiAinjelfire Hope you both are feeling better soon. We have two ickies going around here – tummy and respiratory. So far it’s missed us. #
  • 16:14 Shoulders tight. Glad day is almost over. Think a leisurely bath is on the books for the evening. #
  • 19:22 Made the excutive decision to take Monday off. #
  • 19:23 Started a toboggan hat (crocheted) for the wee one. Off to see how much I can get done by my bed time. #
  • 19:25 Anyone know ofany only child blogs? Someone asked on one of my forums and it made me go hmmm… #

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2 Responses

  1. i thought ryne was growing his hair back out?

    • We are trying to convince him to wait to cut his hair until Gina can trim it (late Feb, when I do mine next).
      Honestly I think his issues are his split ends getting pulled when his hair is brushed. But he is asking almost every day for a buzz cut.

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