Tweets of the Day

  • 22:48 Off to bed, up way too late… again. #
  • 11:13 Restarting personal fitness/wellness challenge on Monday with some tweaking. #
  • 11:46 Is it lunch time yet? Well I say it is. #
  • 11:48 After getting hooked on steel cut oats, cream of wheat just doesn’t do it for me any more. It’s actually kinda yuck. #
  • 11:50 Interesting – (CNN) — Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich was impeached Friday by the state House of Representatives. #
  • 13:48 Anyone need a love seat? It’s a beige/oatmeal color. It’s been in my folks bedroom a few years, excellent shape. They need it out ASAP. #
  • 15:18 @Vange I think it wouldn’t be such a big deal with I could get laundry in weekly or more often. But it’s usually a monthly huge production. #
  • 15:19 @Vange So yes, I hate laundry too. Miss having hook-ups and being able to do a load while cooking dinner. Some day… #
  • 15:19 Have my office window open. Office is HOT. I am melting. #
  • 16:25 Trying to decide if I should go home on time or get some extra time in. #
  • 21:32 Paycheck already spent, sigh. But it’s all good. #
  • 21:37 Since Rob is watching wrestling, I am going to play games on Facebook til I conk out, about an hour. Night night tweets. #

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