This was not a good morning…

The 90 minute delay for school wasn’t bad. I am all for playing on my laptop snuggled in bed for an hour. Getting Ryne off the XBox and out the door was a bit irking, but not too bad.

I took the fact that, despite living in New England, we only have one window scraper (and it was in Rob’s car) pretty much in stride. Note to self – finish mittens. Scraping windshields with a credit card and magic gloves don’t mix well.

Despite some swearing under my breath, I went with the flow toward the total disregard of traffic laws and courtesies at Ryne’s school. Double and triple parking where buses and other parents are trying to drop off kids. I mean if someone was in the car, I’d been somewhat okay. But walking away from your vehicle and being triple parked. Stupid and inconsiderate.

But getting to the gas station with my van practically on fumes and having a @$#&ing car cut me off as I was pulling in just did me in. But that was not all, the gal in said car, pulled up to a pump, parked her car and went shopping and then came back out with a bag of crap, her paper and drink. No gas. The pickup that she was behind, also went shopping but at least he pumped $10. I backed up for her to get out, but no… she sat there until the pickup finally pulled out. I watched this phenomenon happen another 3 times while I pumped gas. Despite empty parking spaces, folk parked in front of pumps and went into the store for crap and then pulled away without gas.

Now having less than $30 to fill tank totally helped get me into a better mood. Unfortunately it didn’t stick. Starbucks was closed due to electrical issues and then I had to hike up the hill at the office after two unsuccessful attempts to drive up (with brand new tires). Thank goodness I finally found winter boots that fit. Speaking of those boots may have to see if I can find another pair at BJ’s to store for the future. They fit, they are warm without making my feet feel icky. If they were black instead of brown, they’d be perfect.

It’s now 2:00, I was 2 hours late for work. Had to deal with human resource issues, instead of data stuff. And I am still ALONE in the office. Admittedly Wednesday is a light day for in-office personnel, but come on.

So I am ODing on yogurt – Siggi’s Icelandic Skyr and some Tzatziki I picked up at the deli. Wish, I’d picked up some soup to stock my desk. That would have been a nice addition to my lunch.


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