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MDC probably just lost another member…

Gah! I’d been hearing stories and they finally got to me directly. The moderators of motheringdotcommune just deleted my signature.

What was so offending you ask?

It’s because I don’t pay for advertising. Because I have a link to my blog in my siggy and there is a link to my mostly empty etsy shop on my blog so I can’t have a link to my blog without paying up to $10 a month for that privilege.

You know, that isn’t even correct. I don’t have my shop on my blog… I have my wishlist, my f*cking etsy wishlist and my amazon wishlist.

Honestly, I was on there for only one or two recurring threads these days. It’s just not worth the hassle anymore, not worth it at all.


6 Responses

  1. Sheesh. How progressive is that?? I know they have operating costs, but come on.

  2. I am proud to say I was banned ages ago.

  3. That happened to me too … I had a sig link that went to a blog that linked to a site that linked to my book. And I was recently flogged for saying something derogatory about Bush. They are so restrictive over there it’s not even worth the effort to try to avoid violating the ua.

    • I was thumped by them for recommending a nursing necklace because I make and sell them. Now, mind you, I wasn’t suggesting they buy one of mine, just that one could help the other person. I also go smacked because too many people were recommending my necklaces and it must be a set up, no chance people would actually LIKE my necklaces and TRUST them! Eh. I post on KellyMom now and sometimes on BF.com. BF is too snarky sometimes for me though.

      • That’s terrible!
        The mods are always complaining about how difficult their job is and how much work they have, but seriously? They make themselves way more work than they need to have picking at people for ridiculous “offenses.”

  4. Kitchen table…
    Even if you decide to go, will you appeal it through the kitchen table please? If enough people start doing it, it might knock some sense into them.
    (I’m flapjack, btw.)

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