The Joys of Motherhood

Actually there is a great deal of joy in being a mom, but in this case the title is a bit sarcastic. LOL

Ryne has missed a bit of school this year, more than last year. Partly because he’s caught just about every bug going around, or on two occasions I had been so sick I just couldn’t bring myself to drive him to school. So apparently my admittedly unreliable emails to the teacher was not enough, I was supposed to call the Principal’s secretary. So I just had a meeting with the School Principal, the district’s Social Worker, the Attendance Motivator (kinda a step down from the truancy officer) and his teacher. Honestly, this meeting could have been dealt with weeks ago with a simple phone call. Oh well. I now know the school nurse does not pass it on to the main office that she has sent a child home with the advice he stays home the next day (3 of Ryne’s unexcused absences) and that a note/email to the teacher is not proper procedure. I have to call, can’t email. Whatever. So that adventure that only made me, technically, 5 minutes late for work, but really 35 minutes late since I like to get here 30 mins before the office opens. I decided I deserved a Iced Venti White Mocha even though I already had one this week.


This rain is driving me crazy, I just can’t get up in the morning. Course, the fact that I keep waking up somewhere between 2 & 4 is not helping either. I need to decide if I should rouse myself enough to take another melatonin or benadryl to encourage me back to sleep for a couple to a few hours more sleep.

In other news, I have figured out what my “prizes” will be for my personal challenge.

Challenge is as follows:

1 Point – Staying within Calorie Range
1 Point – Drink 8 glasses of fluid a day
1 Point – Logging onto SparkPeople
1 Point – 30-45 workout/yoga (5 a week)

Going to do this for 6 weeks. Each challenge met is a point.

If I get 135 out of the possible 156 points, I am going to buy myself 4 new sweaters to suit my current size (I need two, so the prize is really the two extra).
If I get 150 points, I am going to buy myself a “nice” black coat – long wool or long leather.


For a new everyday winter jacket (I MUST retire my UCONN jacket), I am waffling between these:

Carhartt Duck or Sandstone Active Jacket
SteelGuard Quilt-Lined Jacket
Dickies Sanded Duck Hooded Jacket

Essentially the same jacket from different manufacturers. Nice and utilitarian to off set my knit/crochet hats and scarves that I want increase my collection of.


Over my vacation, I want to get some time out and about hanging out with friends. So if you have free time, let me know and we can do a play date (with kiddo) or coffee (without kiddo).


One Response

  1. I lovers peppermint mochas… *drools*…
    During vacation i would LOVERS to do stuffs with you (guys). *smiles*

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