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Personal Health & Fitness Challenge

I have no idea when the last time I did a full yoga routine. I just know my shoulder has been giving me so much grief lately and it would probably not be half as bad, if I’d been stretching every day. And since my pants are starting to get a bit snug, I am going to challenge myself.

I am combining a semi-recent challenge I did on SparkPeople’s The Darker Side of SparkPeople group, which was 1 Point – Staying within Calorie Range, 1 Point – Drink 8 glasses of water a day, 1 Point – Leaving Comment on team member’s SparkPage. I’ve also joined WiiFit Mommiis.

So my personal challenge which will start on start Dec 15th and ends Jan. 25th (although I am going to be warming up to it by getting my butt up at 6:30 the rest of this workweek and moving – yoga &/or wii).

Challenge is as follows:

1 Point – Staying within Calorie Range
1 Point – Drink 8 glasses of fluid a day
1 Point – Logging onto SparkPeople
1 Point – 30-45 workout/yoga (5 a week)

Going to do this for 6 weeks. Each challenge met is a point.

If I get 140 out of the possible 156 points, I am going to give myself a prize.
If I get 150 points, I’ll give myself a bigger prize.

Just have to figure out my prizes.


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