All is quiet…

Been quiet besides Twitter.  Life has slowed down, in a good way.  No one is ill.  Money is okay (although there was a hiccup this weekend, thanks to a post void).  Home is snug (if not terribly neat).  Crafting is peaceful.  Work is work. 

I am a bit behind on swaps mostly because I am adverse to buying more packing tape since I know there are at least 2 rolls somewhere.  But I think I am going to have to break down tomorrow morning if I can’t find it tonight. 

We have to figure out where to put the tree, since Ryne just asked about it.  And I think he only asked about it because my folks were pumping him for aChristmas list this weekend.  We have most of his gifts done.  Now just need to get office gifts & little friend gifts done, actually most of that is purchased too just need to receive and put together. 

This coming weekend is going to be "busy".  Friday evening, we will be childess thanks to kailyn25 (maybe a date night?) and then Saturday after SnB and normal running around, I have a sex toy party to attend (which is really an excuse to hang out with crazy women, eat good food and drink wine).  LOL   Sunday after recovering from one of Liz’s parties, I will see if I have the juice to come into work for a few hours. 

I started one of the sleeves for Rob’s Cobblestone, formerly the NaKniSweMo sweater.  Now the Christmas Sweater. 

Goals for the week:

1. Ship all swaps (past due) by Tuesday and (upcoming) by Saturday
2. Make Overnight Oatmeal
3. Kickstart WiiFit Personal Challenge (30-45 mins 5 days a week)
4. Finish Linda’s Fetchings (2 thumbs and a bit of one top)
5. Get addresses into Word for Holiday Cards so I can buy & print labels this weekend
6. Turkey & Rice Soup in crockpot (tomorrow)
               Turkey Stock
               Baby Carrots (small bag)
               Diced Potatoes (2 or 3)
               Peas (1 cup or so)
               2/3 cup Wild Rice


4 Responses

  1. yes, you should totally make it a date night!
    can’t WAIT to got the party. Do you think Liz will mind if i bring along another friend?
    Are you going to come and pick me up?

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