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Post Thanksgiving Update

I will try not to repeat my Twitters but have to say this…

We had one of the most blessedly uneventful we’ve witnessed in years. It was great! I mean we got the updates from aunt and uncles and heard about this and that (and the selfishness of certain cousins). Mom cried, my grandmother died at this time of the year. But did her best to be social (she didn’t hide in her office the whole visit on Saturday). No visits to emergency rooms, no deaths, no serious drama. Woohoo!

Good food, enjoyed two turkey meals. Have enough turkey leftovers from kailyn25‘s to make Turkey Soup AND Turkey Pot Pie/Shepherds Pie. Made the turkey stock yesterday (crock pot for 20 hours), will either make the soup or pot pie tonight and freeze the other one for future use.

It’s funny, both of my turkey meals involved turkeys in bags. The first turkey was in a paper bag, never heard of that one before. And the second was in a roaster bag & Cuban style. Lovely turkeys both.

Whoopie pies were a hit, even my mom liked them and she usually complains about my experimentations. So have adapted the recipe (with my tweaks) for future reference and filed it under keeper.

My inbox was amazingly quiet for a long weekend. More like a typical Monday although I had a whopping 3 voice mails, usually only have 1 and I usually send that one elsewhere. I am #1 on the phone systems so if they don’t want to wait for sales (#2) or tech support (#3) I get the message.

Sunday, I got an excellent example of the differences between the new windows and old windows. In the morning it was hailing/freezing rain. While in the kitchen, I could hear the ice pellets hitting, but I couldn’t hear a thing in the Living Room or Dining Room. Thumbs up to my landlord!

I did not finish the NaKniSweMo sweater. Oh well. My goal is to finish it by Christmas. Going to make sure I mix in the Fetchings, since I am so close to getting those done. So I can mail those off to Linda.


One Response

  1. The older I get, the more I realize that an uneventful holiday with the family is a GOOD holiday with the family. I’m glad yours went well! 🙂

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