Oh yeah Allergies

So Ryne is barely reacting to milk these days. I am not saying that he can have milk in his cereal, then mac & cheese for lunch and then ice cream with dinner without breaking out, but he is definitely not breaking out with each tiny nip. I mean he used to break out with a taste of ranch dressing.

But we had an obvious incident with a tangerine yesterday, yep citrus is now bad. Poor little guy, head to toe hives. Gonna have to stick to bananas, grapes & apples.


3 Responses

  1. oh no! poor kid!
    Glad the milk allergy has subsided a little.. but, citrus now! 😦

  2. It really does suck because that kid loves oranges.
    I have to see if juice messes with him, or if it’s just the peeling and stuff.
    I’ve not seen issues with canned mandarin oranges, so might just be the fresh peeled types or him peeling it himself.
    Will have to do some experimenting.

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