A real blog entry…

Bad News – We have to pull my newly reorganized living room apart. Mainly, moving the floor to ceiling bookcases filled with DVDs & paperbacks to a place that is out of the way. Out of the way of what you ask?

Good News – The landlord is coming on Tuesday to put in four brandy new windows. He is replacing the four biggest windows in our apartment with triple pane windows. The two in living room and two out of three in dining room. I am so excited.

We were going to put up our annual plastic wrap this weekend and now we will only have to do one funky window in our bedroom instead of the windows in the living room and dining room and maybe a couple of the kitchen window and Ryne’s windows.

In other news, the kiddo and I are over our colds while the hubby is coming down with it. Poor baby.

No baking got done this weekend, instead we played 15-20 hours of Blue Dragon (I know a year late, but the story is cute and Ryne is getting a kick out of Rob and I playing) and I got a couple more inches done on Rob’s sweater.

Rob is home from work today and tomorrow. This is window thing is actually good new on two scores, less drafty windows (hopefully no drafts) and a thorough de-clutter of the house.

Turkey Day plans finally set. Thursday at Berta’s (dessert & side). I will see Rob sometime Friday morning. And Saturday at my folks, I just need to bring dessert.


3 Responses

  1. Windows=Awesome
    Have a great holiday. I am glad you are over the colds. I am sory Mr. Hubby Guy got it. At least he is off!

  2. does rob know what he’s standing in line for yet?
    Sucks that he’s getting sick.. i hope he feels better soon.
    YAY FOR TURKEY DAY….*chuckle*… you’ll have leftovers to bring home, so you know… i won’t be able to keep ALL of it… even WITH my brandy new for me freezer! heh

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