Who is Indigo?

So I was updating my profile on PMM after not having signed on over there in a few months.  And I rather like it, so thought I’d share with a bit of snipping.

Who am I?

Well, the easy answer is, I am me.

For the "longer" answer, please continue.

Often described as a throw back… born a decade or two late. A crunchy happy neo-hippie with a touch of thegothic. Mama-hood has definitely brought out more of the hippie and buried a bit of the goth/punk, but being described as a Dark Hippie, Hippie Goth or Gothic Beatnik is fine with me.

I bop through life to my own beat, sometimes very out of sync, but often finding kindred spirits on the journey. A weird combination of Luddite and techno-geek. My cell phone is over 2 years old, I don’t own or want a PDA. Rarely on the computer on weekends but work in the "industry" during the week.


Mindful Green Kitchen Witch with an UU / Quaker / Zen bent. Mouthful, huh? It honestly boils down to this. I feel that life is meant to be lived with thought and consideration. Very interested in intention, cooking/baking as meditation & herbs.

My time outside is very important to me. It’s often a time to reconnect and refresh. One day we will have a place with acreage and have a huge garden / mini-farm – ’til then I am creative with "pot" gardening in my shadowy & shared yard.


A bit of an introvert, although that has been morphing into something interesting. I have always been a watcher and listener but find myself more able to start conversations and be myself instead of hiding who I am. My confidence is growing in leaps and bounds. I am rather sarcastic, easy to laugh and a bit of a goof.

Sexuality & Polyamory

Don’t really use bisexual, rather prefer sapiosexual and have found that I do not have a preference male or female (or anything else for that matter). Much more attracted to personality than the package, so to speak.

I am one of those folks that aren’t really wired for jealousy. Yes, I have been known to resent feeling lonely or under-appreciated but not jealousy. Been of the polyamorous mindset since puberty and probably before that.


Am an extremely avid reader, absorbing anything and everything I can get my hands on. Including: Jane Austen, Thich Nhat Hanh, William Gibson, Neil Gaiman, LKH, JD Robb/Nora Roberts, Tolkien, Anne McCaffery, Jasper Fforde, Terry Pratchett, Stephen King, Laurie King, Susan Wittig Albert, Nancy Kress, Edith Wharton. In other words: sci-fi, fantasy, cozy mysteries (crafts, food, plants), paranormal romance, attachment parenting, knitting, physics, deep ecology, food science and so on.


40’s Standards, Jazz, Gregorian Chant, Ethnic Fusion, Newgrass, Hardcore Punk, Country, Singer/Songwriter, Hard Rock, Angry Chick Rock, Filk and on and on and on. Can we say I adore music?

Movies & TV

We don’t have cable and 95% of the time I don’t miss it because I’d rather read.

Movies: Action, Anime, Kung Fu, Sci-Fi, Alternative History, Fantasy, Suspense & British Comedy.

TV: No cable – but watch CSI, Bones & Nume3rs as well as PBS, History Channel and Discovery Channel on DVD a la Netflix. Wish there was more food related stuff available on Netflix.

Other Interests

– Play with fiber, including but not limited to yarn: knitting, crocheting, spinning & weaving (a form of active meditation for me)
– Video games: RPGs, Adventure and Puzzles mostly. Yes a grrl gamer, not quite a frag doll but have been known to play Halo.
– Drive-ins
– Flea Markets
– Yes, I am an unmotivated writer (sci-fi, erotica and essays)

Spicy, Curry, Cream Cheese, Pizza, Coconut Chicken, Cucumbers, Sushi, Broccoli, Sweet Potatoes & Fresh Greens


Word of warning, I am zaftig and I DO NOT care. All that matters to me, is that I am fit. My daily routine includes walking, yoga,belly dancing and/or pilates. Sure a few pounds lost here or there would be nice so I have more choices at the department store. But I am soft, fluffy and womanly. If you can’t deal with it, please move on.

I am looking for pen-pals (e-mail, snail mail, or IM) confidants and lovers. Kindred spirits interested in friendship and exploring life.

If you are open, intelligent, giving, easy going and fun loving, I’d love to hear from you! Even if you are a grouchy, snarly, snarky, grump, I’d still like to chat with you because I get that way too.

Come with me and walk on the beach (nothing like squishy sand between my toes), finger paint (messy isn’t a bad thing), stroll through a museum (love the smell of art), explore a botanical garden (love energy of green things) or sit on an edge of a field (silence can be golden).

For a glimpse into my mind, you are welcome to visit my frequently updated LiveJournal, my less updated MySpace or Facebook.


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  1. If you want to friend me on either FB or Myspace, I’m Natalie Smothers in Chicago! I post most of my photos on there. ^_^

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