Tweets for Today

  • 09:03 Back in the office bright & early. Yesterday I was home with Ryne & did a 1/2 day in the evening. Felt like I got nothing accomplished. #
  • 09:05 @aurorasgarden Sorry the PSP purchase went so badly. Some people have no sense of right & wrong. Good luck getting it fixed. #
  • 10:04 I thought I overbrewed my tea, but you know what a little extra cream and it’s perfect just what I needed to thaw off after a 24F morning. #
  • 10:22 Debating on a 10 hour day. Will see how I feel at 4:30 if I will push on for an extra 2 hours or not. #
  • 12:32 Brrrrrr, well I am not really cold my office is actually quite toasty. If it gets toastier I am going to piss folk off by openin a window. #
  • 12:34 I seriously need to make Ryne some mittens, a few pair since we all know about boys & mittens. He’s wearing a pair of my magic gloves today #

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One Response

  1. hats. Aaron loses hats around here.
    He’s pretty good with gloves, but, i am going to invest in 6 billion pair anyway…lol

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