Twitter, Holiday Meals and stuff

I like Twitter. It’s great for my bullet posts. So now I will have to stick to longer wordy posts for LJ. Course I don’t have anything really in mind other than. Say Samhain tends to mark my new year so have been coming up with some goals for the coming year and even more short term future.

This Friday I am supposed to be going to a Fish Fry at Stonington’s Portuguese Holy Ghost Society. Meeting kailyn25 around 5:30ish. Probably should ask Rob if he wants to go too.

Still thinking through the holidays. Rob works both Thanksgiving and Christmas. So either meals later (after 4) which I cook alone or early meals on Friday which we could cook together. Anyone interested in celebrating with us? I am on the list for an organic free range turkey that is probably too big for us. I am all for anyone wanting to drop by with a dish to share.

What I have been working on craft wise.

Prayer Beads

Goddess Rosary

More pictures here.



Not photographed yet (or fighting with card reader on computer) – Rob’s Cobblestone (6 inches in) & Ryne’s Earflap Hat (only an inch in)


3 Responses

  1. I LOVE my gloves that you made for me… *smiles*
    If you don’t want to cook, you can always come here! I’ll most likely have waaaaaay too much food…(but.. Oh so yummy!)
    And for Christmas, we are not doing turkey, but probably mexican or something…
    I could probably stop by later in the day on Christmas… *smiles*

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