My Facebook says… Aimee Lee thinks four hours of sleep is not nearly enough. I am not sick. I refuse.

Yep, that covers my morning.

I didn’t go to knitting circle. I stayed home, ate my $5 ham grinder that Rob picked up at Subway, worked on his NaKniSweMo sweater which is now on step 2 for the next 16 inches and then I jumped him. LOL

That dealt with the pent up energy but my throat really started to hurt so I finally dragged my butt out of bed just after 1:00 and gargled with mouth wash and took a dose of Nyquil. Slept until just after 6:00 and dragged my ass into work, via Starbucks where I picked up a Iced White Mocha and a Tarragon Chicken Salad Sandwich, which is half my calories right out the window, but screw it… I needed it.

Twitter is fun, but so far it’s mostly Etsy people that I am following, got to find some writer types and gamers to keep things interesting.


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  1. You snuck the jump in. I almost missed it!

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