Monday Monday

Got out of the house mostly one time. There were some issues finding one of Ryne’s warmer coats. Going to have to replace his long one… Can’t wear it with a second layer (i.e. – a hoodie or sweater) and the sleeves are getting too short. So will have to find a new sledding/blizzard coat. His other winter jacket may be in Rob’s car. Lot of good that does us in the morning.

I decided not to do NaNoWriMo this year. With this coming week being a 50+ hour work week, my brain will just be too mushy. I do have a couple short story ideas and may look through my old stuff and see if anything is submittable. I know I have a couple SFF shorts that are printable. So writing is on the mind, but nothing close to novel worthy. Which is fine. I am all for baby steps.

But I am unofficially doing NaKniSweMo. I started Rob’s Cobblestone last night. Can I say I ADORE this yarn? Feels so nice knitting it up. It’s Vermont Organic Fiber Company’s O-Wool Balance. I am going to have to get enough in one of my colors to do a sweater for me, maybe Ruby, Amethyst or Lapis. The yarn is a 50% merino / 50% cotton blend. Will I finish by the 30th? Who knows… but it’s an interesting goal. I have a pair of modified Fetching in my purse for my to-go project and will work on the sweater whenever I sit down. The bulk of it is mindless knitting.

Spent most of yesterday playing Blue Dragon with Ryne cuddling next to me. My to do list went out of the window, but I am fine with that. It was a good day, a cuddle and chillax with the kiddo day. He was minimally hopped up on sugar so I worked hard not to get testy. Will have to move candy to top for fridge. LOL


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