Happy Halloween / Samhain

We didn’t do much… just got Ryne over to the mall to do thw trick or treat thing inside.

I didn’t get any pictures, sorry. He was a goblin/ogre/troll. Green face paint, his horns, green top and wooden dagger/sword.

Then we ate at Charley’s and were unimpressed.

The guys are cleaning up the remnants of Ryne’s paint, while I sit here and listen to the tinging of the radiators, our first tank of oil for the year. Glad we waited the two extra weeks, saved a bit over a $100.

Tomorrow is our normal run around day. Maybe get laundry done. Going to drop a couple meals off at Kristie’s.

Sunday I will be writing, not sure if it will be Nano or just journaling and stream of consciousness / free writing.

I will also be doing some beading and other creative work. Been a while since I’ve just made stuff – besides knitting & cooking. Maybe some bread. Hm…..


One Response

  1. YAY for writing!
    We did the stroll around here…and i was pretty unimpressed with the lack of houses that were giving out stuff…
    Oh well. Aaron got all he NEEDED….LMAO.
    MmMMm…. breaaaad.

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