First day that I’ve felt well.

Well, I could have slept more but no tummy issues and I don’t feel like a truck hit me.

So I am putting in a half day. And looking forward to 10 hour days for the next 2+ weeks. Ick. But I can’t complain. I could be dealing with a six day pay check (I get paid bi-weekly) instead of a 10 day paycheck.

I am going to leave at around 3-3:30 on Friday for Halloween, but from now until at least Nov. 7, my weekday is going to look like – get up by 7 get out of door by 7:45. Drop Ryne off at school get to work by 8:30. Work until 6:30. Get home at 7ish. Spend hour with Ryne before tucking him in and eating dinner with Rob, do a couple chores. Collapse in bed by 9:00-9:30, take sleeping pills, sleep like a log and start all over again. I will not work weekends unless I absolutely have to.


I didn’t make it to the funeral. Was too sick and I didn’t want to spread it to about 75% of my friends.


I did get the meatballs made. I froze half the meat though. Just couldn’t do the whole thing. But there are several meals of meatballs done. Another time…


Have other news to share and photos to post. But will have to wait until later.


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