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What I did yesterday and what I am looking forward to today…

Yesterday, I got up too late to exercize but I think was okay in the end. (Read on)

First we hit Bean & Leaf for my weekend Stitch n Bitch. Nearly finished the earflap hat that I am making for a swap just need to finish one tassel then bag it up to mail Monday. The hat is so cute, I am probably going to cast on one for my son in the coming week. I also started a fingerless mitt for my friend Linda (also know as Bert). It’s already a quarter of the way done. Think it will knit faster than normal (a sightly bulkier yarn).

After that, I got my hair cut and colored at Treehugger. I am rockin’ plummy hair that is to my shoulders, wet. Gina is helping fight the urge to chop it all off.

Then (this is really cool) headed out of town to Hebron and the Connecticut Renaissance Festival, we actually didn’t attend this time. We’d been there the past two Saturdays. Well 2 weeks ago, my husband had tried his hand at sword fighting. He’d taken off his watch and wedding ring. When we got home no ring. I sent an email… if you find a ring that looks like this please let us know. This past Tuesday, we got a call. They found the ring. How cool is that?

After it was marathon grocery shopping – including but not limited to Shop Rite and BJs.

So what am I doing today?

Making 7 pounds of meatballs
Making 2 Lasagnas
Making 2 whole chickens (40 clove chicken)

And if I am insane… which is obvious that I am…

Lentil Stew
Apple Pocket Pies.

I have not one, not two, not even three, but four close friends who are a day to 2 weeks over due for their babies. So I am A) stocking my freezer and B) feeding some mamas.

Oh yeah, I will also be attempting to migrate our local “Crunchy Crew” bulletin board, sorting laundry and knitting.

Monday, back at the office, is going to be realxing. I must be insane, seriously. At least I slept well.

Off to clean chickens to get them in the crockpot and decide what to do next, maybe some yoga since the living room is currently empty.


Already off to a rough start. Eyeballing the chickens they looked smaller… So I prepped both. They would have fit in the slowcooker but barely. Would have been rough. So one 40 clove chicken and one oven baked chicken with an onion (well half a large onion quartered and 4 garlic cloves in the cavity. Will bake on 400ish for 90 mins or so.

Time for an early lumch. Kitch already smells good and then attacking the meatballs (doubled).


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  1. Mmmm.. i’m coming over! LMAO.

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