Just got bad news…

I don’t have many details yet.

But one of my friends delivered still this morning. They are making funeral arrangements and Rob is trying to get out early so he can come with me to the hospital.

My heart hurts so much and I have no idea what to say.


8 Responses

  1. the best thing you can do is just be there

  2. Just the fact that you are willing to go and be with her is enough. Just go and be there. If you dare to step forward, you will make a huge difference.
    I’m so sorry for her loss.

  3. oh no. that’s horrible. i hope everything turns out okay.

  4. i am so sorry to hear that, you guys and your friend will be in my thoughts

  5. I am so sorry! You and your friend are in my thoughts

  6. ::hugs you tight::

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