Haven’t slept well in over a week…

Why you ask? Well our next door neighbors have a new truck (or someone visiting for a over a week has said truck) and the damned thing’s alarm is set so sensitively that it’s set off a dozen times a night by passing traffic.

I have no idea what to do, going to call the police station for some advice when I get home. I mean if it had only been a day or two, I could chalk it up to urban living. But this is insane. The damned thing is parked right under our bedroom window. Averaging 4 – 6 hours of very interrupted sleep is not doing either Rob nor I any good.

Other than that… all is well.

I am working today (so is Rob) and Ryne is home with grandma.

Going to be ordering oil this week and getting furnace it’s annual service.

Rob’s ring was found by the Ren. Faire, so I think we are heading up again this weekend if anyone wants to tag along. LOL

So as long as I don’t fall asleep at my desk I should get a lot done today. Will have to use fake milk in my tea cuz I forgot to bring in a bit of milk.


2 Responses

  1. Another trip to the Ren faire? LMAO
    I didn’t realize that Rob lost a ring.
    Ewwww… fake milk…lol.
    Broken sleep is bad. very very bad. i hope you can get some kind of resolution to this…

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