Ramblings of the day…

Not much to say that is interesting but all sorts of crap running through my head.

So here you go:

Why? Oh why, do 99% of weekly planners smoosh Saturday and Sunday together? It really pisses me off. I think I’ve found a planner for 2009 that I like, the Quo Vadis Miniweek.

And while shopping for the perfect calendar… the folks that design websites that don’t show inside pages of planners are idiots, not to mention the numb nuts that do stylized photos that don’t show the whole page.

Missed my blogiversary yet again. One of these May 15th’s I will whoop it up. I wonder how many entries I’ve made anyone know how to figure that out on LJ?

Got to play with WiiFit this morning. MIL didn’t sleep on couch last night. Course she showed up mid-exercise routine so that was awkward and I don’t think I went as long as I could have. But I’ve lost another 1.5 pounds so that is all good. I am now consistently below 235 even with AF encouraging water retention. Next goal 225.

If you live under a rock and haven’t heard – Phish has reunited. Have a few friends trying to get tix for Hampton, VA next year. Heard hotels are already sold out. I know I can get tix, but not sure if I want to deal with the accommodation scramble. Maybe they will add more dates.


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