Argh **warning – rant ahead**

I am sooo tired. So very very tired. Work is overwhelming, fighting to Ryne ready for school every morning is draining, my gut is so not happy with me and I had a mini fibro flare this weekend.

Ryne is at school. I have an hour to go before I can stop dreading everything the phone rings, hoping it’s not the school nurse. (No call, so all is well, I guess.) This morning he tried the silent treatment. But sorry buster, no fever in 24 hours and your nose isn’t even running anymore, so off to school. He had a nice long weekend, since he was home for last two days with me. Yes, Sunday and Monday he was somewhat miserable but yesterday he was his normal self. He just didn’t want to go to school. Why? I have no idea. The teacher seems clueless that he doesn’t want to be there. He seems to enjoy school when we talk about it afterward when I get home. But every single morning it’s a struggle. Fighting him into his clothes. Trying to get him to eat breakfast. Getting anything from him but a pouting lip and arms crossed in defiance. Ugh.

So here I am at work. Alone after being off two days (have to decide if I am going to try to make up those 16 hours or eat 12, since I have a half day of personal time). I don’t want to work the next umpteen weekends. I don’t want to work 9 – 10 hour days. I want to leave at 4:30 and turn it off for the evening and not worry about it. I want to relax and do what I need to do around the house without being constantly tired, wound up and snarky. I can’t be pleasant to be around.

We need a sitter for Friday night. MIL was in the hospital under observation, so don’t want to add more stress to her life (as her mother is still in hospital recovering from a stroke). My folks are mad at me, again, so can’t ask them. I am lucky they are willing to pick up Ryne after school.


Don’t I sound all mopey? But the thing is I am in a pretty good mood. Tummy is settling, I am enjoying the quiet office. Didn’t even turn on the radio yet.

Eating Liberté’s fresh goat cheese. It’s quite yummy and I grabbed a couple other interesting alternatives for my yogurt passion. Do you know how hard it is getting to find yogurt that doesn’t contain 1. artificial sweeteners (not only do I despise the taste, they all give me migraines) 2. bizarro flavors – tried a few of Rachel’s, honestly most are yuck or 3. cost more than $2 a pop (i.e Fage)?

While I was in bed the last few days, I haven’t exercized. (Although I found myself stretching and breathing without thinking about it.) But I was already to get up and do my yoga until I learned MIL was sleeping on the couch. Maybe I’ll play some of the WiiFit games this evening. Don’t know if that would wind me up too much to sleep well, hmmm.


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  1. Oh, I’m very familiar with that feeling of dread hoping the school nurse doesn’t call. I go through that a lot with my youngest. She seems to get everything that goes around and then it takes her forever to get over it. And I can sympathize with the yogurt issues. If you find anything that fits those three criteria, please post it. I’d love to know if such a yogurt actually exists! 🙂

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