Tuesday Blues

I am really not blue, just tired and allergy pill-less. Which means this sinus pressure could become a headache as the day progresses. It’s funny I have decongestant, which I have taken but no Claritin or Zyrtec at my desk. So I will have to tough it out until I get home. I have to remember to bring a few with me tomorrow.

It all because I switched my med. schedule. I have been taking diphenhydramine hydrochloride as a sleeping aid at night and with my funky heartbeat and slightly low blood pressure, I haven’t wanted to take two allergy meds at the same time (Benadryl and Zyrtec). I just keep forgetting to take the Zyrtec in the morning. Just need to cobble together a new morning routine. It’s getting there. Most mornings Ryne and I eat at home instead of the van. Which is good. I have showered in the morning instead of the evening. Which is good. Now I just need to get exersize squished in there and we’ll be gung ho. Almost there, almost.

Speaking of Ryne, he is not happy to be in school. As many of you may know, he’s an independent, do my own thing kind of kid and frankly, I think school just annoys him. He got sent home on Thu & Fri with a slight fever (he runs hot) and chills (the kid is a born actor) and yesterday we got a note from the nurse saying he was complaining that his feet hurt and a stomache ache. I will run this by his doctor, just in case, but I think it’s just that he has his teacher and the school nurse wrapped around his little finger. He’s 6, he’s cute and he’s smart. But I also know what it’s like to be sick but not “look it.” Going to get him tested for food allergies, particularly see if his milk allergy has faded or being sneakier and see if eggs, wheat or soy could be messing with him, too.

I tried to go without meds last night because I was so tired last night, nuh uh, not trying that again. Less than 3 hours sleep and no serious caffeine in office. Have to drink a few cups of green tea and hope for best. I guess I could leave on time instead of putting an extra hour in. We’ll see. Editted to add: That is a no go, it’s noon and I am the only one here, again. Sigh

Oh dinner last night was rib tips and jasmine rice, oh yum. Having it for lunch today. Yes, I remembered my lunch. Didn’t bring any veggies, but have some strawberries, mmmm.


One Response

  1. *chuckle* about Ryne…. Chris had a really hard time in the early grades because he was SO daymned smart- so, i feel your pain.
    MmmmM… ribs…. *drools*

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