I am getting back on my fitness quest, took a break this summer while the apartment hovered over 76 and often in the 80s. Gained 4 pounds but I am cool with that.

So last night we had a super yummy chicken, strawberry and pecan salad. Dressing made with olive oil, sugar, red wine vinegar, sweet onion, dry mustard, pepper and salt. Must make again. And play with fruit and nuts. Manderin orange/ almonds. Blackberries / walnuts. The possiblites are endless. Super easy. Cook chicken breast and blend dressing and toss. Viola.

Monday I am going to throw rib tips into the crockpot with my honey bbq sauce. We’ll have that over Jasmine Rice.

Got some polenta and quinoa to experiment with as I work gluten out of diet. May have to look at removing fresh milk too – cheese and yogurt don’t see to bother me but sour cream and milk. Well we’ll go with the gluten first and go from there.

If I can get Ryne away from the TV, I am going to do one of my yoga routines or set up WiiFit after I finish a couple hours on working from home.


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  1. I find that the Wii Fit workouts really work a good balance of muscle groups. Your salad sounds devine.

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