Woohoo on my way out of office.

I just had to share that I may have Ryne hooked on Dr. Who. We borrowed the first 2 disks of “season one.” Christopher Eccleston isn’t half bad. Will have to see how things go as I catch up with that season and the Tenth Doctor.

Ten? I fondly remember – Fourth Doctor, played by Tom Baker (1974–1981) & Fifth Doctor, played by Peter Davison (1981–1984) as well as a bit of the Seventh Doctor, played by Sylvester McCoy (1987–1989). Obviously as I got older things got more choppy, I was home as little as I could be and my best friend didn’t have cable until late in high school, not that the show would have interested either of the gals I spent most of my time with back then.

Yes, Rob, I want them, I want them all.

Maybe disks 3 & 4 will be waiting for me.


3 Responses

  1. The 10th is my Fav and I have loved them all. But what I cannot live without is my Jack…I miss Torchwood…can’t wait for the 3rd season.

  2. i have missed you guys. i wish i was doing better so i could try to come today, but i am, sadly, not healing well at all, and definitely not doing well emotionally, so a trip out would be a bad idea. not to mention i’ve been up since 4 friday afternoon and have yet to sleep (which isn’t that bad…hell, most people who work a normal work day would say me going to knitting and staying out until noon would be like them getting up for work at 4 on a friday and just partying until midnight) but my body isn’t agreeing with it for some reason. not that i can sleep mind you. next thursday we’re in lake champlain. the following thursday we’re at the big e, i think, though i’m not entirely sure. but the thursday after that i might attend the thursday group for a few more weeks (just through the first three weeks of october) if i’m healing a little bit better. we’ll just have to wait and see.
    glad to hear you’re hooked on shows like “Dr. Who”. I have to admit that I’ve been watching stuff like “How I Met Your Mother”, “Charmed” and “King Of Queens” from the library and blockbuster.com lately…be happy you don’t have cable and you’re brain hasn’t been fried by this crap.

    • I hope you start healing quickly. I remember when my brother had the same surgury. Took him a while to heal. He had radiation on his face so that just made it a longer battle to heal.
      Thinking of you and sending you healing vibes.

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