Forgive me for I have not written…

it’s been over 5 days since my last entry… and it was a meme at that.

Anyhoo, I suspect this baby is going to be piecemeal. Lots on my mind. And it’s all over the place.


Ryne starts first grade tomorrow. So have to start a new morning routine for me. Which will probably include A) setting alarm clock for 6:30 so I am up before 6:45. B) workout – WiiFit, Bellydance, Yoga or Tae Bo (30-40 mins). C) Quickie shower (5-7 mins) D) Making sure Ryne is up and dressed. E) Feeding our faces F) out the door by 7:45.

We still haven’t sorted his clothes to see how many viable shirts he has. Ugh. Guess while he is taking his bath, I’ll be doing that.

I may have mentioned he is going to a new school – here is a bit of a description. Very cool. We may have to stick around until he finishes 5th grade, LOL.

Bill Gates once said,”(learning) is rooted in the vision of an empowered community where education is continuous, relevant, adaptive and incorporates best in class technology in every area of learning.” We at XXXX embrace this vision. We have the expertise of experienced teachers with the innovative support of UConn. While we ensure our students are mastering standards, we engage their imaginations and develop their love of learning and exploration through the Arts, performance and technology. At XXXX, Academic Rigor is our expectation; students demonstrating their knowledge is our dream.

He is going to a CommPACT school. It’s a new model that the Board of Education for the state of CT is implementing in several urban communities to replace charter schools. Lots of parent involvement. Lots of hands on technology. He may have PowerPoint homework. Love it.

I am very intrigued. His teacher seems great, from first meeting, and I am glad he’ll have Spanish classes (which I think all elementary school children should have in this city, not just the magnet school).


Work is still aggravating and I am rather (screw it … completely) overwhelmed. No hope, no help in sight. One partner behind me 100% = need more help, other partner thinks I am doing great and I just need to get creative with what I have. Cut my staff not but half but by 2/3 and expect me to go with the flow, GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! They have until the holidays. I am not sure what I am going to do but it can’t go on like this. It just can’t.

I am looking forward to this long weekend. kailyn25, I do believe I will take you up on your invite for Monday. What do you want me to bring besides tomatoes, the potato salad I am craving and something wine cooler-esque?


Personal Wish List for immediate future:

Good black ink pen – for arting
Moleskine Soft Cover Pocket Plain Notebook (3.5 x 5.5) – for scribble journaling
Moleskine Sketchbook &/or Watercolor Book – for arting (not sure which because I used to mix my pen and ink with watercolor pencils…hmmmm


Cleaned out a lot of clothes from my closet. Sending a bunch to a friend in KY. But now, I have to figure out what I am going to do this winter.

I need:

2 or 3 black sweaters
A blue sweater (or 2)
A red sweater
3 – 4 pair of girl jeans
A few casual but nice tops
Pair of work boots (which I never bought last year)
Bras (ick)

I am on the cusp of a couple sizes, since my bosom has not shrunk as much as the rest of me, I am going to be trying on a lot of clothes. I am finding I can be anywhere from an 18 – 22 (or 1x – 3x). Sucks as trying things on is my least favorite part of shopping.

Avenue has a few things in their catalog that I like, but I hate their prices, considering how crappy their fabrics can be. Our local Target truly sucks for plus sizes. May have to shop on-line. Old Navy doesn’t do plus sizes in store anymore. May have to shop on-line. Kohls is hit & miss, so is Fashion Bug. Don’t get me started on Torrid, they just piss me off.


Rhinebeck (Oct 18 -19) or King Richard’s Faire (Aug 30 – Oct 19)? Or can we swing both? Dilemma of the century, I am telling you. Really, this is important stuff. LOL


6 Responses

  1. I don’t often comment. I always read. It is good to see your post. Is R excited about school this year?
    Are you writing lately? What do you draw?

    • Ryne hasn’t decided yet. I think he’s been really enjoying his summer. Doing his independent thing. So school routines, aren’t exactly exciting to him. But the new school may be right up his alley.
      No, not much writing. I have old stories crowding out any new stories. I just haven’t been in the mood to transcribe the old ones. Trying to get a seed (or 2) going up there for a new idea, but I really think one of my old stories is deteremined to be written. I just don’t want to start all over again. Rob has offered to type up my old notes and what I could save from old unreadable disks. So maybe this winter I can get my butt in gear.
      I doodle, cartoon, art journal with poetry, meditative drawing and the like. Something that doesn’t really work well with the computer. LOL

  2. That all sounds yummy! (what you are bringing). and should be fine.
    OH.. that’s right! It’s FAIRE SEASON!
    I wanna GOOoooOO
    Aaron wants a costume….so, it’ll be off to JoAnn Fabric for me… Are you dressing Ryne up? We could make make costumes for the kids one weekend…

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