What’s new with you?

I am having issues with my health, nothing serious… just not recovering from a long weekend. Ugh. I will get there but it’s slow, not to mention allergy season is already driving me nuts.

Anyhoo… been thinking about my veggies outside and coming up with ideas. Found a simple-ish self watering container I think that Dad & I (or Rob) can rig up times a dozen, using 5 gallon buckets.

I also want to play with water crystals. I know this was a weird year, kinda droughty but… This was interesting reading http://www.stevespanglerscience.com/experiment/00000038 maybe not exactly organic but with no outside water access, intriguing.


In other news, Ryne got a last minute spot in one of the alternative school programs in town. Cool. We have an open house on Friday. There are six teachers and all six teachers work with the kids K – 3. He’ll be at the modular school this year since they are working on the school that his academy is part of.

Last year, after a few months into school, Ryne was getting kinda bored. I mean the kid walked in knowing his ABCs, numbers, how to write his name, etc. And when he gets bored, he gets frustrated/stubborn. So he probably doesn’t test well. I am hoping this environment will be more interesting for him. And maybe less struggle to get him out the door in the morning.

He starts school on the 28th.

Have to see what he needs for uniforms – goal 3 pairs of navy shorts, 6-10 pair of navy pants, 6-10 stain-free white/light blue polos and 3-5 stain-free white/light blue dress shirts. He will just have to wear his green Crocs and swirly Sketchers, until we get to the Stride Rite outlet for 2 pair of shoes that will fit his extra-wide size 11. LOL he’s got my small super wide feet, poor kid. He rarely likes Payless shoes, I think it’s because most of them that fit his wide foot are hard, no squish.


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  1. You have to come Thursday night because about three weeks ago now I bought a little pirate button for Ryne’s crocs after I saw that he had a pair (they were selling them for like 27 cents in the camp store the day after he wore his crocs to knitting and I couldn’t pass it up because I promptly thought of him). but then you weren’t at knitting and then i wasn’t at knitting and now i won’t be there at least next week if at all again before next summer.

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