It’s Friday!

Now I have the country music montage going through my head that the local station plays at 5 o’clock. I have quite a ways to go until 5 but I am excited all the same.

Yesterday was eh… Woke up with a headache. Thought I was just dehydrated, glugged some water and pushed myself through the pain. Got to work. Pain just got worse, until noon when I thought I was going to be sick. Called my errant employees to see if anyone was going to show up soon so I could go home. After I talked to a couple of them, I put my head down on my desk to wait. Pain started to ease. Tummy felt better. So decided to stay once they started trickling in at 1. Went home at 4 and promptly fell asleep. I slept until 8ish, ate with family and then was asleep again by 9:30 – 10. Slept pretty solidly until this morning. I feel great. Well rested, guess I needed it.


Landlord mowed yesterday, which is awesome because the weeds where taller than most of my plants in my garden. I am thinking about picking up a few pavers or garden stepping stones for around the containers. May help with the mowing in the future and I don’t feel like I am tromping through knee high weeds…

Another task for garden, time to fertilize my containers. I have to see what I can find locally. While I am out, I am probably going to see if I can find irrigation spikes, to help with my watering issues…

I also want to think about mulching the tops of my containers.


I am going to be alone until later afternoon again. Two call outs, one work from home request and who knows what is up with other 2. Heard they were here late last night. At least all my normal work at homes are doing their things. I just have to handles the phones, alone again. Anyone whines about my numbers are going to get what for.


To top it all off, I forgot my lunch, again. GRRRRRRR


Next week is the week I am doing the Pagan Summer Camp thingy from the MDC forum. I am sharing the kitchen topic. Will post my “lessons” daily and see about posting R’s too.


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