Love You till Tuesday

Have that Bowie song stuck in my head…

What is new with me? Well…

We’ve harvested our first tomatoes – one large and two cherries. There are a couple more that going to be ready today or tomorrow.

Sailfest was fun. Fireworks were as awesome as ever. They had the picnic. Rob and Ryne spent more time at his cousin’s while I spent more time next door at Rob’s brother’s where it was quieter. I got a sunburn, but will live.

Sunday we did nearly $60 worth of laundry. Still have to put it all away. Was going to do it last night but everyone was just too tired. Tonight will be spent on that. We really have way more clothes than necessary and I know a lot of that is because of the dreaded trips to the laundromat. We are culling old gaming tees and stuff of that nature.

We have a line on a possible new apartment in Groton. Bigger. Hook ups. Decent price. It’s still very tentative so I am going to leave it at that and hope for the best. (Okay, I really want it and don’t want to jinx it because it will answer a lot of needs.)

My sleep cycle is still all screwed up. One week two of late nights and early mornings. Going to double my normal melatonin and make sure I take my magnesium when I take it.

Still thinking about the whole gluten free thing. I know I just need to do it but… I think I am going to set a date, like Aug 1. That way I can get some of the offending stuff out of the house. Rob is as supportive as ever. He will probably be going semi gluten-free by default, as will Ryne. My first steps are removing gluten from my work space. So will finish my soups and ramen stocked here at the office and move from there. I have to decide if I am going to include Oats in my culling and see if I can find a decent chart for ingredients to avoid. The good news is that McQuade’s has a decent selection of Gluten free items for snacks when I pick up my yogurt. Have to see what Stop & Shop, Shop Rite, A&P and Big Y are like. Pasta, couscous and pizza are going to be the toughest. I know there are gluten free flours out there, but gluten is what make a good pizza crust. Have to relearn to bake. Just what I need, more cookbooks.


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  1. The Gluten Free Gourmet is a faboo cookbook.

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