TGIF and all that…

It’s Sailfest weekend. And as excited as I am about it, it is also a bittersweet time. Remembering Ben (Rob’s uncle who recently passed away), this is the weekend he threw his pig roast. Often, this was the only chance we’d have to see certain cousins and other family to catch up – see who is fighting, who had a baby, who is with who… I don’t even know where we’ll watch the fireworks yet. Maybe, go over Rob’s brother’s house.


Have you seen these? (Thanks Ruinwen) Shoes with toes, for rock climbing and the like. Almost like barefooting, almost.

I LOVE them. So cool. I used to rock climbing in my college days and know how important it was to be able to grip with your toes. I really like that they use European shoe sizes, as I find them more accurate. And I am almost always more willing to pick up a size 38 than I am to pick up a 6.5 or 7 or 7.5 (depending on shoe). Anyone have $70 – $90 they can lend me? Of course, I also need a new pair of Birks & Doc Marten’s.


My little garden has been inspiring me to read up on urban homesteading again.

So wanted to share a couple links, that lead to sooooo much more.

Eh, screw it here are my links and resources for container gardening as well…

Woohoo! Should have a ripe tomato this weekend, almost red this morning. And maybe a red bell pepper too. So exciting.

I am quite amused at myself really. I’ve had huge gardens before, but haven’t for quite a few years because we’ve lived in apartments. It’s just amazing to see what I am accomplishing with a few 5 gallon buckets.

My only major game plan change for next year (besides expanding) is coming up with an irrigation plan. Lugging 3 – 5 gallons of water downstairs every day (sometimes twice a day) is a pain in the butt.


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