Gluten Free

Seriously and I mean seriously thinking about going Gluten Free…

It would be rather rough, since my diet depends way to heavily on easy starch when I am being lazy and “bad.”

Ugh… lots of thinking to do and a clear cut decision to make.

I know my stomach can’t take the pain killers and going gluten free would be very very helpful to my poor gut. Thought about sugar free too, but since I can’t do any of the artificial sweeteners… Agave and honey are cool, but not the same as my blond sugar.


6 Responses

  1. Artificial sweeteners = totally evil.

  2. make sure you post some recipes!
    i’ve been doing muscle testing and yesterday it was discovered i’m having some yeast issues. i’m not allowed to have ANY for of sugar or grains for three months! not even fruit, corn or brown rice. 😦 i don’t know what to eat now!! let me know if you have any suggestions.

    • looks like you’ll be having potato curry and potato latkes alot
      are you vegetarian? meat and veggies or fish or poultry and veggies is good.
      cottage cheese with fruit. spaghetti squash made into strings.
      stuff like that.
      I hope a splurge of ideas helps you feel a bit more optimistic.

      • unfortunately i can’t even have fruit. 😦 i’m really sad about that. my mother in law was just in town over the weekend and she makes cottage cheese with a little sour cream to thin it out and then adds veggies like cucumber, radishes, peppers, tomatoes etc…it was so yummy so i think i’ll make myself some of that. it also turned up that i’m not allowed to have soy either. i did get some portabella caps to grill and some chicken. but what can i do for breakfast? lots of eggs, cheese and veggies? i was thinking some plain yogurt and raw nuts as well. this is a whole new world i’m delving into.

  3. I was the same way, and got used to being gf pretty fast! Really, it sounds a lot more impossible until you just jump into it. Look at it at just another way to get creative. 😉 But it will get much easier once you know what you’re doing, what ingredients to look for, where to go for a good gf selection, and perhaps find places in your neighbourhood that you didn’t know existed. That happened to me – I found gf pizza places, gf bakeries, an itty bitty natural food store that is almost entirely comprised of gf foods, etc. You can do it!!! Well, if you decide to. Good luck. 🙂

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