Alive…. sorta

Been sick. Tummy bug that messed with an old ulcer. Back issues which had my on more pain killers than normal which mess with old ulcer. Well you get the picture.

So on Protonix again to deal with tummy issues and have to look into making sure I have yogurt every day for the next while, at least once a day and more would be better. It’s good that I love yogurt.


Thanks for all the compliments on the Snow Dragon. I plan on making more with variations – wings, size, longer body, etc. I will be keeping a couple examples but willing to make another one here or there. Just not setting myself up for any deadlines. I used Lion Brand Jiffy Print in Kitty Hawk, you probably can’t see the speckles of blue and pink. I think those were 12mm safety eyes. But will have to double check. I’d love to see how sun catcher or cat eyes would look on ’em.


While I was curled in a ball, in bed, for the last few days, we hadn’t had any rain, so my plants withered. Gave them a good soaking yesterday on my first time outside in several days. Everything seems to have perked up. Have a tomato and a couple peppers changing colors, hopefully they will be all right. And ready to pick soon.


So on one of my Forums, Mothering if you are curious, I am taking part in a a virtual summer camp. It’s of a Pagan flavor. Here are the links to last year’s threads, if you are a member of Mothering. Anyhoo, this year’s theme is the pagan home. I am helping out with week 2, the Kitchen. I promise to post what I am sharing here. Currently collecting my thoughts and resources on: Setting intention, Kitchen shrines/altars, writing our own pagan graces, mindful cooking/eating, including kids in meal planning and prep, non-toxic cleaning/cleansing… I have a partner, so waiting for her notes and we should have something pretty cool.


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  1. I am sorry to hear you have been ill.

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