Woohoo! Success

The 7 or 8 boxes of stuff has been decluttered, emptied, etc. Of course, we now have several piles to find homes for. Some shouldn’t be too bad, some who knows?

We’ve also made a goal of doing laundry every 2 weeks which should free up some of our plastic totes to do what they are supposed to do instead of holding laundry. Ha.

It’s cool to see floor in places that hasn’t seen light in ages. Kitchen is almost “there” so is office / dining room. Just need to clear off table and desk of piles. Some of that will have to wait because of lack of bookcases but most of it will be freecycled or put away in appropriate rooms.

Planning a party on the 11th has helped a lot to get things moving instead of stopping and starting.

And Rob and I will be off together on Friday, so I hope after sleeping in a bit, we can get some more work done. Don’t know if the folks are burning a burger or if Rob’s family is going to try to keep up with the family picnic without Ben. We’ll see.

I want to get the decluttering and organizing done this weekend so all I have to do is deep clean and cook next week.


GEMINI (May 21-June 20): In her book *Pilgrim at Tinker Creek,* Annie Dillard notes that there is only a tiny difference between the lifebloods of plants and animals. A molecule of chlorophyll contains 36 atoms of hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon arrayed around an atom of magnesium, while a molecule of hemoglobin is exactly the same except for an atom of iron instead of magnesium. I offer this as an apt metaphor to illustrate the choice you have ahead of you: As similar as the various possibilities may seem, the simple thing you put at the center of each option will make a tremendous difference.

HOMEWORK: True or false: You can’t get what you want from another person until you’re able to give it to yourself. Explain why or why not.



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