Probiotics and lactose intolerance…

I know, just know, that I cannot go more than a couple days without yogurt. And I don’t mean a yogurt parfait from McD’s. But what did I do for the sake of saving money? I went more than a week. Ugh.

Let’s just say ow and ick, gut issues.

So I’ve invested in a few Fage yogurts for work and I really really need to get into the practice of making my own yogurt. I have a maker, just need to figure out how to strain to get the consistancy I prefer and flavor since I don’t like plain yogurt, except when I am sustituting for sour cream. I’d love to develop a honey and strawberry sauce that I can spoon a teaspoon of into my 6-8oz of yogurt like Fage does. Hmmmm…


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