New Desk

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New Desk, originally uploaded by myindigodreams.

Woohoo, my new desk is reassembled and placed. Now I just need a desk chair, very, very badly.

I will be decluttering tomorrow while Rob is at work so that we can figure out how to get my yarn/craft supplies into the area that has been set aside. Pretty much 2/3 of the dining room.

Then Rob can do his magic in the living room. We need to figure out how to get 2 – 3 (preferably 3) more bookcases in there and hopefully come up with a new layout that will be more flexible as we get “grown up” furniture piece by piece. LOL My living room still very much looks like a dorm room conglomeration.


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  1. I’m adding you to my normal, nonknitter journal friends list because I think you fit in there too. So if I message you from there sometimes, you’ll know why.

  2. I have a chair that you can have *smiles*
    You are looking for tall bookcases? I have some short/long ones that i will be needing to get rid of.

    • Why yes, yes we are looking for both tall and short bookcases. LOL
      And a chair would be wonderful. Anything is better than the piece o’crap we’ve been using.

      • Well… the chair is YOURS! It’s cluttering my living room (it was upstairs until the dinner party, and now it’s not….lol)
        I don’t have the bookcases ready to go yet, but, once i do, you’ll be on my list of people who want them *smiles*

      • Peachiness. Thank you.

  3. hey, i saw this pic once today….at work. i didnt realize until today that i work with your spouse. what do you do to him that he is always so pleasant? i need to know so that i can do it to the next person i get involved with.

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