Grrr… heads are going to roll. I know we run a pretty flexible office, but here is the second Friday in a row that no one has shown up by noon besides me and it’s now well past noon. Sometimes, I really hate being semi in charge. Gonna have to chat with the boss man and have a talk with my staff.

Honestly, it’s not so much that I am alone. I can live with that, the office is pretty quiet today, unlike the last two days. It’s that no one bothered to let me know. They may have even told the boss man but that rarely trickles down to me because he doesn’t think like that.

So instead of being able to sneak out to the park and eat lunch while I hang with some Crunchy Crew mamas, I am sitting here on the wrong side of annoyed.

Don’t get me wrong, I too appreciate the amazing flexibility this office offers. The CO office isn’t so lucky, the partner there is much more rigid. I know I wouldn’t have lasted nearly as long as I have, being able to make up hours, working just about any hours as long as I am at my desk at 9AM. I mean I am leaving at 4 today to help Rob pick up a receptionist’s desk we got off Freecycle.

But come on people.

Okay enough with the whinging…


Still on a dishcloth kick, that last swap has be going. I am they are fast, uber portable and fun. Of course, I have a dragon to finish by the 2nd and a couple craft swaps for the end of July. No more swaps due until Oct. I am going to keep it that way.

Might as well list them here:

Amazon Wishlist Swap – June 30 (no crafting)
MDC MBOY – June 30 (no crafting)
TSA: Mythical Creatures – July 2
Summer Critters Ami – July 30
FRIENDSHIP AFGHAN SWAP R1 – July 31 (3 – 6″ squares x 2)
C’Ville Secret Pal – July 31


Back to the desk we are picking up, woohoo. It’s big, L-shaped and we are going to be doing some major rearranging around the dining room / office area. Not sure yet, if the pick up includes the chair, if not going to see if we can swing it this week. Because I am not sitting in that piece o’ crap we have now. Can’t sit more than an hour without legs falling asleep. Not conducive to working from home or writing.

Speaking of writing, it been an interesting few days. Ever since I joined the three stories that I last put any effort into are all swirling around in my head, smashing into each other. I swear it’s like they are fighting for my attention. I am rather in limbo with them. I mean it’s been years since I’ve actually written more than a paragraph or two or start to transcribe handwritten notes, since my cyber versions died on the unreadable 3.5″ disks they lived on. They are completely different stories, ideas, heck genres. None have titles, I refer to them by the lead character’s name: Aryth (quasi-vampire urban fantasy smut), Tawni (young adult fantasy – Garth Nix meets Tamora Pierce meets Ursula K. Le Guin) and Sam (sorta faith based chic lit – started it when I was a Christian but story still wants out). Have no idea what I am going to do with any of them. Not sure if I should chose one or work them all.


I have the feeling I am going to up late tonight. I need to blow up or beat up things via a video game.


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  1. I have such a hard time picturing you rockin’ out to JT or TPD. I don’t know why. But it made me giggle. Hope things got better at work. See you in a few hours (you might notice that I’m up and it’s past midnight again…which just means I’ll be running off only a few hours of sleep again tomorrow morning and I have to drive down from NB because I never made it back to Norwich tonight…so I apologize in advance if I’m a blurry eyed monster in the morning.)

    • That is why I put the music in today. LOL I am more a Godsmack or James Taylor kinda gal.

      • Sorry I was so lame today. I promise to never sleep through knitting again.
        And we only stayed until like 11:25. I wanted to leave when you guys left but Julia convinced me to stay until she finished her row.

      • Sorry about sneaking out early. But with summer vacation starting Ryne is not nearly getting enough sleep. Thankfully the outcome of this morning is the hubby agrees to back me up with a set time bed time again. So next week should be much much better.
        See you Thursday?

      • I totally understand. And I will be there Thursday 🙂 Looking forward to it.

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