Garden Update

Woohoo! There be peppers!

And holy moly the number of tomatoes at the moment, I am really hoping they ripen in waves otherwise… yikes.

Squash, beans and cukes are growning like weeds despite late planting. I think it will be okay. Soaking the seeds definitely cut a few days off their germination time. Going to give them another week and then choose the best 3 plants and thin out the rest.

Radishes, well, not so good. Think they are a bit crowded. A few went to seed with little more than a pinkie tip sized radish. So ripped them out and hoping to give the rest a bit more space. Need to water them today.

Going to move my herbs to the kitchen window from the porch so I can try lettuce and spinach in salad bowls.


4 Responses

  1. 🙂
    I didn’t get to Garden this year due to moving,but I am really jonesing for a garden right now..
    I have major Garden Envy..
    I just might even plant one late anyway..

    • Re: 🙂
      My garden is portable. My landlord can move the buckets when they mow. Ah, the joys of renting. The neighbors have been cool about it too. My bright orange paint bucket are such a lovely sight.

      • Re: 🙂
        I do container Gardening too..but this year
        the breakup and moving just took the wind out of my sails gardening wise..and I decided against it..
        It’s California..and Summer seems mild..Maybe I can get some stuff in still..
        *rubs hands together.*

  2. We so thought about putting a pot of tomatoes on our porch. Yet we didn’t. So I guess we’re waiting till next year, lol.
    If you get craploads of stuff, and want to pass some off.. I’m here! 🙂

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