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It’s only Tuesday?

Don’t know what is up but woo, today is dragging. Yesterday I was just bored, bored, bored. Today I am just on this side of annoyed. Nothing wrong, except for check engine light on van (hopefully just needs oil).

It was a weird commute. It was like the powers that be did not want me on the highway. Every time I tried another route to I95 there was a detour, broke down car, bike packs, etc. So I ended up taking back roads all the way to work. Weird, but true. I got here on time, just not early.


Wish I had a basement. I’d buy a couple of these kits for Rob and I to try. http://www.leeners.com Mead, cheese, bubble gum… Sure I could work on it in the middle of the kitchen, but have no place to store the kits not in use. No more clutter for my house.


NY Style Sour Cream Cheesecake I need a new springform pan.


Haven’t sprouted sprouts in forever. Dad and I used to sprout in huge, emphasis on huge pickle jars. This blog has me tempted to try it on a much smaller scale. And I know I can share any extras with Dad. http://www.craftleftovers.com/blog/?p=199


Going to try to get my butt out of the house this weekend:

Stained Glass & Weaving Art Exhibit – Kente Cultural Center on 219 Bank Street will host an art exhibit featuring works created in Stained Glass & Weaving Classes at Kente. The artists reception will be Saturday, June 28th from 1-4 PM. There will be various beautiful works of on display, including baskets & stained glass pieces. Refreshments will also be served. Please join the fun and support your local artists!

And Art Attack is on the 5th. Berta, you going?


3 Responses

  1. WHAT art attack???
    I haven’t heard of anything!
    I have a PARTY to go to…DAMNIT!
    I need more info…lol

    • http://newlondonmainstreet.org/events
      Sat, Jul 05, 2008: Five Galleries, Ten Storefronts, Three Businesses, & Hundreds of Artists team up for ART ATTACK! with food, music, exhibitions, dancing boys & girls, freakshow antics, street art, & more, 6-10 PM, including Hygienic Art, MUSE, Golden Street Gallery, Studio 33, by Design, Yah Ta Hey Gallery, 140 Below, & the new TSETSE Gallery with music by the Cosmic Jibaros at the Hygienic Art Park. Free. Info: 860-437-6293 or 860-857-5181

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