Okay, it’s getting beyond, just beyond. The piles are reproducing, I swear, and what happened to my big ass table?

I saw a buffet type thing at WalHell that we may invest in two to make my craft supplies look neater. Especially since the fourth computer is going to my MIL and BILs’ house.

Think we need to make a plan and actually go through boxes instead of putting new stuff in them. DECLUTTER, my new motto. We also need another bookcase to deal with movie and book overflow. With the craft stuff out of living room Rob can do his furniture moving thing and maybe come up with something new. Anyone know anyone getting rid of a decent sofa or love seat? Maybe it’s time to put something “good” on layaway and pay it down. I think I want two love seats and a chair instead of the normal living room set. Absolutely no pillow backs and need deep arms for side ways lounging. Oh yeah, no dust ruffles. I like seeing my dust bunnies, thank you very much. No coffee table but a mega ottoman would be cool, especially if it had storage for remotes and game controllers. Ah, day dreams.


Someone on my friend list mentioned Bodyglide which is funny because I was just thinking that I need to try it. The whole point of flowy skirts is to be cooler and wearing shorts under them just sucks. Will need to experiment.


I think I have a crush on Nicotine. Not that kind of nicotine, this kind of Nicotine.


Ryne is graduated and I will be plastering photos soon. I promise.


Are you sure it’s not the weekend yet? Ugh, taking this morning off was killer and I have 2 more days of it. It better not be super nice again and then suck on the weekend. I will be extremely pouty.


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  1. must declutter
    must declutter
    must declutter
    oh what was i doing again?

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