Summer Solstice

I am not sure if I am going to be able to attend a planned event yet. Things are a bit nutty. Not OMG life is too crazy, just to make neat things to do and not enough time to get the chores done too… and the house is gotten bad again. Icky, no one should see it bad. Hello, my name is Indigo and I am a slob. Anyhoo.

I don’t know if kailyn25 is having her picnic/get together. I am feeling no, but one never knows. I hope she is feeling better and better as the week winds down.

I want to make a sun pinata with Ryne. He sees the pinatas at Target and gets so excited. I’d love to burn the broken sun in a bonfire but that isn’t going to happen in my rental inner city-esque yard. Oh well.

I think I want to recommit myself to Mother Earth too. Sorta “new years resolutions” to do my part of the environment. Less then 10 plastic bags for the rest of the year. Unplug rarely used appliances. That sort of thing.

In other news, I have decided to research Hestia. I have been feeling a lot of pull from her lately. In high school, I had similar pulls from Demeter. So I guess I am not surprised.

Ryne graduates from kindergarten tomorrow.

Oh, I am looking for a foam head to model hats in my etsy store.


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