I need ideas! Help…

Okay, here is the deal…

I want to make a toy – crocheted or knit – for each of our nieces and nephews.

I want them to be the same or similar.

The age range is 1 week to 3 years old.

Um, 2 boys and 2 girls (maybe 3 girls but that is another post).

Any ideas?

Hm, links that interest me:

Jelly Baby
Basic Body I can do a lot with this…


3 Responses

  1. knitted or crocheted stuffed animals…
    puppies, frogs, elephants, bears, pigs or hippos, etc
    I know that there are some knitting or crochet patterns out there for stuffies. Look online maybe?

    • That is along the idea of what I was thinking, it’s the specifics that is the issue. Ya know?
      I am probably going to use this entry as a clearing house for links and ideas.
      The biggest issue is not getting bored by #4.

  2. Borrow a copy of Knitted Toys from the library? Or buy a copy? I love the stuff in there, and want to make pretty much all of them. I’m just about done with the owl.

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