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Thank you for the birthday wishes. Had a wonderful day. The first day I’d been hungry in a week (laid low by tummy troubles again).

Spent my birthday money on books instead of a camera, but happy with the results. The trip to Book Barn did a lot to fill my shelves. Have to get all the books organized to see where the missing ones are from certain series and start hunting for them. Some will be easy but some will be harder since they’ve been out of print for decades like Ann Maxwell’s Change (1975) and Dancer’s Illusion (1983). Missing a couple Kim Harrison’s, a couple MaryJanice Davidson’s, a few Tamora Pierce’s, some how have nothing by Garth Nix, and so on.

Thanks for my illness my total slacking off as been whiped out and lost the 8 pounds I gained. So goal for summer is be down 35 – 40 pounds by the autumnal equinox.

Mostly have Ryne’s summer care figured out. MIL, Dad and Rob have the week covered most of the time. LOL He is going to have fun and be a dirty brown boy by the time school starts. He and dad will be working on all sorts of projects, might have to hose him down before allowing him in the van. And MIL didn’t go to Phoenix due to SIL’s fall out with roommates so that settled that.

Keilan arrived Monday, just over 6 pounds, making Rob and I four (maybe five) time uncle and aunt thru his siblings.

Should have a few picture heavy entries this week, now that T-Ball is done. Garden is flurishing, Ryne has curls sheared and have received a few swap packages.


3 Responses

  1. Are you missing “The Outlaw Demon Wails”? Because if you are, I have a hardcover copy you can have.

    • Have to check, my books are spread between 2 cases and a couple boxes so have to get authors and double check my Shelfari to see if I’ve missed anyone. I know I have the first and I have Dead Witch Walking as I read it on Sunday and I think I have A Fistful of Charms & For A Few Demons More, but not 100% since they would have survived the move just have to find them to be sure.
      Thanks for the offer, will see what I’ve got.

      • No problem. I accidentally bought it, and I don’t have any of the rest of the series, so I’ve been looking to pass it along to a good home.

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