Bad Girl

So I didn’t get Laurell K. Hamilton’s new book until last night. Well after whining yesterday about not getting enough sleep, what did I do? Yep, read the whole thing. 340 pages in just under 4.5 hours. Didn’t get to sleep until 2:30ish. Of course, Ryne woke me once to complain about the bathroom light being turned off and I woke at 5:30 and at 6:30 even though it was Rob’s day off and his alarm wasn’t set (at least I don’t think it was).

I don’t know what it is about her books. Okay, it’s not the greatest writing ever. It’s not profound. But damn it’s a good yarn. I adore her characters, their wonderful flaws, quirks and true to life in consistencies. Sure the sex is nice too, you know me, I like my smut with a bit of intelligence. Her next Merry book comes out in November.

I pray the Mountain Dew keeps me going and that I am not a knot head and get enough sleep this weekend. I think naps are in order.


4 Responses

  1. don’t forget to bring the fabric tomorrow so i can make those handkerchiefs for you!!

  2. I LOVE LKH! Got turned on to the Anita Blake stories a while back, then the Merry Gentry series. Both are soooo good. Like you, I can’t stop until the book is done.
    BTW, Kim Harrison has a pretty good series, too. Rachel Morgan, the lead character, isn’t anything like Anita or Merry, but she’s a lot of fun.

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