Haven’t been sleeping well and been achy (probably ‘cuz I am not sleeping enough). Shoulder and neck aren’t happy and to top that all off, swollen feet and ankles, no clue why. That is new. If I didn’t know better I’d be looking down at my feet and think when the hell did I enter my 3rd trimester. Not preggo, no worries there. Just retaining some serious water. Have to see about walking a bit tonight and taking a calcium pill for good measure.


And my camera is acting up. It’s fine for still shots (i.e. project snapshots) but action shots (like a t-ball game) are tough because I have to press the button 3 – 4 times sometimes to get a picture. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!

So gimme money for my birthday. I am gonna procure a new camera, sooner than later.


Have no urge to write. Been a bit weird as I haven’t even been reading as much either. Strange head space at the moment… Think I need to look up some journaling prompts and see what spills out.

On Amazon Wish List:

Journalution There are a few others in my Reading & Writing list.

Maybe time to find a copy of The Artist’s Way again (not that I liked it the first time) and just going for it. Hmmm… Although I really think I am more in the mood for something visual. New sketch pad. I am 90% sure I have some water color pencils hanging around.


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  1. You can have my copy, if you want. It’s missing three pages (I picked it up at The Book Barn), but other than that, it’s fine.

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