Haven’t messed with it yet. Will be working on it tonight. Here are the details…


I tend to pack my fruit sweetened unless it’s something like peaches or pears, super sweet when ripe…

Syrup pack

30 to 40-percent syrup for rhubarb. It takes one-half to two-thirds cup of syrup for each pint package of fruit. Rhubarb can also be packed raw without sugar if going to cook with it later.

Type of syrup Sugar Water (cups)

30-percent syrup…… 2-1/4 5-1/4
40-percent syrup…… 3-1/4 5

To make the syrup, dissolve sugar in lukewarm water, mixing until the solution is clear. Chill syrup before using.

When packing fruit into containers be sure the syrup covers the fruit, so that the top pieces will not darken. To keep the fruit under the syrup, place a small piece of crumpled parchment paper or other water-resistant wrapping material on top and press fruit down into syrup before closing and sealing the container.


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  1. keep in mind you shouldn’t eat rhubarb with certain types of greens because it can turn the oxalic acid in certain greens into a toxic poison in more than small amounts. (For example, you shouldn’t eat rhubarb with spinach.)

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