I think I lost yesterday’s blog…

Hmmm, if I can dig it out of drafts, I’ll back date it. I am glad I use a client, as my computer seems to always blow up at the worse moments. Sigh.

As for today…

We are hitting the Garde Arts Center tonight, because that is where Ryne’s spring concert is. He’s supposed to wear a solid color tee. I am not sure if he owns a plain solid color tee. Rob gets to be the one to hunt for it.

Then I am off to Knitting Meetup, as opposed to Stitch n Bitch to keep my Thursdays and Saturdays straight. We’ll see how late I am.


Yep, yesterday’s entry is mostly gone. It’s didn’t draft correctly. Oh well. Here is what was rescued, not much.

GEMINI (May 21-June 20): “Pain is weakness leaving the body,” says fitness trainer Mark Duval. If that’s true, you have gotten a lot stronger in recent weeks. By my astrological reckoning, you’ve shed a few months’ worth of emotional distress, you’ve purged a few years’ worth of frustration, and you’ve exorcised a couple of lifetimes’ worth of confused dreams. Congratulations on all the new vitality you’ve earned through your constructive losses.


HOMEWORK: What’s the most important thing you’ve never done?


Martha’s Macaroni & Cheese/


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