Happy Mommy Day

Well, I am at work.

I know I should be enjoying breakfast in bed or some cliche, but the hubbins is working and I like the fact that I can make up time at the office. I don’t have to stay all day and I don’t have to be in at any specific time. It’s all good. Children’s music playing on XM and Ryne is lounging on the leather sofa that divides the office.

Yesterday was spent stitchin’, scalp massagin’ (le sigh) and garden preppin’.

Here is what I have so far:

Take a few safety orange paint buckets (5 gal.) from Home Depot and drill holes around the bottom about 4 – 6 inches apart.

Then pour in 2+ inches of river gravel for drainage and weight. (Don’t want wind, kids or dogs to knock over buckets)

Now plant 2 sweet pepper and 4 tomato plants – see details at my Folia page. Kinda like Shelfari or Ravelry for gardens.

Then round up a few smaller terracotta pots and a plastic bowl with a hole at the bottom of it to plant herbs, radishes and flowers. Sorry the herb one is so small, from my camera phone and was first pick I downloaded.

Will be planting cukes, zucchini and beans next weekend. Also need to stake or cage my tomatoes. If I am really crazy, I might grab 3 scented geraniums for the hooks on the porch.


Been craftin’ too.

Octopi / Octopodes / Octopuses without legs

Close up of tested hat (will show off other pictures soon)

4 Corner Dishcloth… my 3rd or 4th. I think I need to just do the baby blanket it’s based on.

Progress on Round Ripple – 4 to 10 rows to go. Depends on how yarn plays out and how much longer I can bear it.


No cookin’ pictures or recipes today, but oh the asparagus that I picked up at Fiddleheads Coop, yum. Hope to have something lovely made with that soon, unless I do my normal steam and sea salt and eat with fingers, deal.


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